GPD MicroPC Windows Firmware 20190601



GPD MicroPC Driver (Also supports Pocket 2, P2 Max, WIN 2, but not compatible with Window 10 1607)



GPD Micro PC touchpad firmware 20190618

MicroPC touchpad upgrade program to modify the direction of the two-finger sliding of the touchpad!




This is a firmware that restores the MicroPC touchpad to the default factory settings. If you upgraded the MicroPC touchpad firmware to "GPD Micro PC touchpad firmware 20190618", you don't like it. You can download the touchpad settings before this firmware is restored.



GPD MicroPC BIOS v4.13

This is the latest version of MicroPC BIOS firmware, adjusted the frequency reduction strategy, and fixed the problem that the frequency will be 0.1GHz due to overheating.



Ubuntu MATE 19.10 (Eoan) for GPD MicroPC

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Ubuntu MATE 19.10 Release Notes:

Win32Disk(Suitable for Linux)image writing tool:  password:9vzf

UltraISO image writing tool: password: gw4p

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GPD MicroPC Firmware & Driver & BIOS

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