GPD P2 Max Windows Firmware 20190703




GPD P2 Max windows10 drivers(Also supports Pocket 2, MicroPC, WIN 2, but not compatible with Window 10 1607)




GPD P2 Max Keyboard and TouchPad upgrade program

Support Microsoft Precision TouchPad (PTP) mode




BIOS version number query Tool




P2MAX.0.23 (BIOS)




P2MAX.0.22 (BIOS)




P2MAX.0.21-afu (BIOS)




P2MAX.0.20-afu (BIOS)




Modify the problem that the shutdown charging indicator is not lit




Win and Alt key swap




TouchPad test tools





GPD P2 Max Keyboard Firmware (Japan)




GPD P2 Max Keyboard Firmware (English)




GPD P2 Max 512 SSD create E


Service & Support

GPD P2 Max Firmware & Driver & BIOS

How to upgrade GPD Win 2 128gb SSD to 512gb

GPD Win 2 - How To Install / Upgrade Your SSD