GPD P2 Max to offer 512GB SSD variant of its soon-to-be crowdfunded "world's smallest Ultrabook" that will take on the XPS 13 and Surface Pro 6

Created on:2019-06-18 13:51



GamePad Digital’s marketing department has been offering up some great promotional work for the upcoming P2 Max game console/Ultrabook/mini-laptop. The manufacturer has announced that the device will begin its crowdfunding campaign at the end of June; the P2 Max’s Indiegogo page is already stuffed with some interesting comparisons, though.



An Ultrabook for the back pocket. (Image source: Indiegogo/GPD)


Firstly, GPD has pointed out that the P2 Max is the same size as an iPad mini 4, with its game console-Ultrabook hybrid sporting an 8.9-inch display and weighing just 650 g (23 oz; net weight). It’s these particular specifications that put the device “ahead” of the Surface Pro 6 and Dell’s XPS 13, as both of those rivals are larger and heavier. It looks like the “world’s smallest Ultrabook” definitely has that going for it at least.



Brushing Microsoft, Lenovo, and Dell aside. (Image source: Indiegogo/GPD)


But as petite as the GPD P2 Max is, it’s how it performs that will really interest potential buyers. We already reported on two planned variants, and now there appears to be an additional third model that rocks a 1 TB NVMe SSD. Along with that meaty storage solution, this high-end P2 Max also has an Intel Core m3-8100Y CPU and no less than a whopping 16 GB RAM. No price has been offered for this particular version yet, but you can expect it won’t be the world’s smallest price tag.



Sizing up the iPad mini 4. (Image source: Indiegogo/GPD)


Along with demonstrating the P2 Max’s similarities with Apple’s iPad mini 4 and roundly defeating products from Dell, Microsoft, and Lenovo in terms of size and weight, GPD has also offered a handy comparison with an Apple MacBook (m3 variant). The “world’s smallest Ultrabook” overshadows its Cupertino competition in numerous areas: 340 PPI vs. 226 PPI; boost clock 3.4 GHz vs. 3.0 GHz; up to 16 GB RAM vs. 8 GB; active cooling (liquid) vs. passive cooling, and it has a considerably lower weight.



Taking on the MacBook. (Image source: Indiegogo/GPD)

Of course, it’s easy to choose the right comparison devices and the convenient specifications to highlight how good an upcoming product may be, and GPD is not the only manufacturer guilty of selective marketing. The GPD P2 Max does pack quite a punch in a very small form and will certainly appeal to those who want to be able to slip an Ultrabook into their back pocket.

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