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  • NewAMD Official Driver Update Link for GPD G1 (AMD RX 7600M XT)   08/02/2023


    (new) 3D Printing Files For an M.2 to Oculink Adapter Cover  09/13/2023

    Explanation: 3D printing files for an intermediate open cover for matching M.2 to Oculink on WIN Max 2 (6800U, 7640U, 7840U). Please download and print it yourself.


    (new) schematic and 3D files for the M.2 to Oculink (2230) adapter  10/25/2023

    Explanation: This is the schematic and 3D files for the M.2 to Oculink (2230) adapter. If your device cannot match the vertical Oculink interface, you can download this file to develop it on your own!


    (new) GPD G1 Instruction Manual 02/19/2024

    This is the instruction manual for the revised version of GPD G1.

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    New)GPD G1 120W & 100W & 80W vBIOS  09 / 12 / 2023

    Firmware VBIOS for G1 is available, including versions for 120W, 100W, and 80W. Please follow the instructions provided. If G1 is not recognized, please shut down the host computer and power it on again (do not shut down the G1, keep it connected to the host), then execute the Auto Update.bat file again.
    Note: Please use GPD products based on 7840U/7640U and upgrade through the Windows system. Using third-party machines does not guarantee a successful upgrade. If you are using a third-party device to flash the vBIOS, please download the compressed package and install "AMDVBFlash_v5.0.638-standalone-NBD-windows.exe" from within the package before executing the batch file.
    Decompression password: 123456


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