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    New)GPD Max 2 (8840U / 7840U / 7640U / 6800U) Windows 11 Home Firmware (03/08/2024)

    This is the flashing firmware of WIN Max 2 6800U (Windows 11 integrated with the driver). There are operating instructions in the compressed package. Attention: reinstallnation will remove all data in drive C, please backup your data before action.

    Installation Guide

    New)WIN Max 2 Q & A (09/02/2022)

    Description: This PDF file contains answers about WIN Max 2 questions that asked frequently. You can preview Online!

    New)WinControls (v1.15) (12/14/2023)

    Description: WIN Max 2 grip customization tool, please download the tutorial

    New)MotionAssistant v1.1.9.6 (05/07/2024)

    Description: MotionAssistant of WIN Max 2 is a gyro data simulation tool that can receive a variety of gyro data inputs and simulate different motion functions, which are used for game-assisted viewing angle aiming, as well as the native somatosensory of the simulator. The analog output methods are: mouse movement, Xbox grip joystick movement, DS4 grip native somatosensory.
    Unzip Password: 123
    Click to download the tutorial

    New)GamePad Test Calibration Tool V1.02 (09/02/2022)

    Description: A tool for WIN Max 2 grip back button mapping, programming, and vibration adjustment.

    New)Power Control Panel (09/02/2022)

    This is the long awaited version 2 of my power control panel. This is a WORK IN PROGRESS!
    Compatible Devices (Windows only): Win 2, Win 3, Win max 2020, Win Max 2021 Intel/AMD, Win Max 2 1260p, Win Max 2 6800U Pocket 2, Pocket 3.
    Requirements: You need .net 6.0 desktop to run this software OR download the self contained zip in the releases (newer versions only).

    New)3D Printing Files For an M.2 to Oculink Adapter Cover  09/13/2023

    Explanation: 3D printing files for an intermediate open cover for matching M.2 to Oculink on WIN Max 2 (6800U, 7640U, 7840U). Please download and print it yourself.
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    New)GPD WIN MAX 2 (6800U) Drivers v3.4  05/07/2024

    This is a separate driver package for WIN Max 2 (6800U). The purpose of providing this driver package is when you are not satisfied with the official firmware (Windows 11 integrated with the driver) or want to install a different Windows version (Windows 10 or above). It is used when you need to install the driver for the device.


    New)GPD WIN MAX 2 (6800U) Camera Firmware  12/05/2022

    Fixed issue that wechat camera is not being able to open and microphone not picking up voice through Skype or Teams voice calling.


    New)GPD WIN MAX 2 (6800U)  BIOS V1.05 (12/22/2022)

    1. Fixed first wireless screen projection failure when the device in device manager appears Yellow exclamation mark, must berestarted to be normal.

    2. Fixed the issuce that the EGPU will not automatically connect when it's again inserted after 10 seconds of unplugginc.

    3. Add Power mode option to BlOS setup -> Advanced for customer requirement.

      a. Select the AC mode to connect the external plug-in power supply, and use the tool systemdeck to view the AC status.

      b. Select the AUTO default use the tool svstemdeck to view normal.

    4. Remove cursor when boot logo interface


    New)WIN Max 2 Gamepad/Keyboard-Mouse Firmware v3.14 / v1.23 (12/15/2023)

    Description: Firmware for gamepad/keyboard-mouse applicable to WIN Max 2 (6800U, 7640U, 7840U versions). After the upgrade, you can adjust dead zones through WinControls V1.15. Upgrade instructions are included.


    New)WIN Max 2 Touchpad Firmware v1.0.3 (12/19/2023)

    Description: Touchpad Firmware v1.0.3 for WIN Max 2 (6800U version) with brand new optimizations.

  • 4G Module And 2230 SSD Assembling Tutorial On GPD WIN MAX 2

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    New)GPD OS ( WIN Max 2 6800U) Firmware 2022 / 12 / 13

    GPD OS provided by Official Manjaro ARM developer Furkan kardame (https://manjaro.org/team/)! It’s similar as Linux systme of SteamOS for WIN Max 2 and WIN 4 devices!
    This version is Linux Kernel 6.0,based on Manjaro desktop mode and Steam OS game mode. After downloading ,it is recommended to use the balenaEtcher imaging tool install.

    Before installing the GPD OS, download and update the right side v1.03 BIOS. Otherwise, the USB device may fail to recognize.
    Furkan kardame’s statement:
    A short video where I have explained what a user have to do on first boot to make steam and steam deck gamepadui to work correctly without any problem.
    1. Connect to Wi-Fi with all user privilege.
    2. Start steam app first before switching to Deck GamePad UI. (Steam app needs to update)
    3. On first try of GamePad UI if it falls back to Kde plasma then just reboot.

    BIOS v1.03

    New)balenaEtcher Image Disk Writing Tool (Portable Edition) 2022 / 12 / 13

    Note: The supported image formats include img, iso, zip, bz2, dsk, etch, gz, hddimg, raw, and xz.

How To Use USB Reinstall OS On GPD Device


Firmware & Drivers