WIN 4 and WIN Max 2 upgrade to 8840U

Created on:2024-07-03 15:50

The main upgrade of WIN 4 (2024) and WIN Max 2 (2024) is the 8840U, nothing else has changed!

The new version of WIN Max 2 (2024) is planned to be pre-sold in April and shipped at the end of April! However, Phawx has released a review of the new version of WIN Max 2 (2024), see the video below!



Phawx's review conclusion is: 8840U is about 10% faster than 7840U, while the power consumption is also increased by about 10%! Of course, the improvement he mentioned is only limited to the game test, not involving AI! In fact, the overall performance of 8840U is 6 TOPS higher than that of 7840U!

WIN Max 2 (2024) Chinese official website special page:


Why choose 8840U?

Some players ask us why not use Intel 155H, so we can talk about it from a few comparisons:

First of all, in terms of gaming performance, the 8840U with 15W~20W can beat the 155H with 28W! Intel's brand-new Arc core display has up to 1024 stream processors, and even the TDP can be higher, but it has no advantage when it comes to portable handhelds!

Secondly, we need to consider the overall computing power of the mobile terminal. At present, the overall computing power of the 8840U is 38 TOPS (official data), and the third-party test is 39 TOPS. The 155H is 34 TOPS, the 7840U is 32 TOPS, and the 8640U is 31 TOPS. This overall computing power refers to the total computing power of the CPU, GPU, and NPU for AI acceleration. Because the next generation of Windows will fully support AI applications.

Perhaps many people have no concept of AI applications under the next generation of Windows! To give a simple AI application scenario, for example, you say to your laptop: "I hate the current desktop wallpaper, please change it", and AI can analyze your sentence and change it for you.

If it's a little more difficult, you say "Please generate a picture of a cute golden retriever, with the background of a desert, size 2560×1440, as the current desktop wallpaper", then AI can also do it.

Then consider something more complicated, such as you say "Please use Access database to create an instance of a property fee management system, including...", then AI can also complete it in an instant. This is the AI application of the next generation of Windows, it does not require you to do it yourself, it replaces your brain, can analyze your needs, and help you achieve them.

Finally, the 155H falls behind the 8840U, and the instruction set is simplified. The 8840U supports the AVX512 instruction set, while the 155H does not. Since the eleventh generation of Intel Core, the AVX512 instruction set is no longer supported, and the 1195G7 device is currently discontinued! From the perspective of gamers, the AVX512 instruction set can significantly improve the frame rate of emulator games.

Not only that, the AI data types supported by 155H, including CPU and GPU support Int8, FP16, BF16, FP32, NPU support Int8, FP16, FP32, are also cut and cut, and none of them support FP64.

On the other hand, the AI data types supported by 8840U are Int8, FP16, BF16, FP32, FP64 for CPU, GPU, and NPU.

The "AI PC" refers to the AI that relies entirely on local computing power, not the cloud, and all computing power is completed locally. Therefore, this overall computing power is the key indicator for evaluating "AI PC". This is why our current products still choose APUs.

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