GPD G1's new version is here! Added power selection mode!

Created on:2024-07-03 16:11


The new version of GPD G1 is here!

There are three changes in this version!

First, a physical power switch key has been added!

A physical power switch key has been added next to the power key, which can switch between silent and balanced modes:

Switch to silent mode, TGP is 60W, which can ensure that G1 works at ultra-low noise.

Switch to balanced mode, TGP is 100W, the experience is the same as the current G1 factory mode.

The following are the 3DMark scores of WIN 4 (6800U) + the revised G1, under two power levels!


The first version of G1 provides 2 DP interfaces and 1 HDMI interface. The HDMI interface of G1 is TMDS protocol version 2.1, with a bandwidth of 18Gbps, and theoretically supports 4K/120Hz output. However, due to signal interference, it can only output 4K/60Hz. Therefore, we initially recommended players to use the DP interface.

Considering that many players still have HDMI interfaces on their monitors, and using DisplayPort to HDMI cables may not work due to poor compatibility. This revision completely solves the problem of signal interference, and the HDMI interface can also output 4K/120Hz.

Third, the USB4 port supports 65W power supply!

The USB4 port of the first version of G1 (actually a Thunderbolt 4 controller) supports 60W power supply, and theoretically can provide power to devices that support 60W fast charging. However, some users reported that it cannot provide power to certain models of Surface and certain models of Lenovo ThinkPad. But we tested that the same model of equipment can be charged.

We learned the following information from the Microsoft official website!

Click here to visit: Microsoft Official Link Description

Based on this analysis, it is possible that the output power of some G1's USB4 ports cannot reach 60W, resulting in the charging situation flashing off.

This time the G1 has been revised, the Thunderbolt 4 controller has been replaced, some bugs in the Thunderbolt controller firmware have been fixed, and the power supply power has been increased to 65W to ensure that more devices can be powered!


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