GPD Pocket 

A UMPC in the Pocket

Ubuntu version     Windows version

Most successful business people have one MacBook or Surface. because they not only have a stylish and gorgeous appearance but also are light and thin. Yet, their disadvantage is that they are not portable.We believe that future laptops shall not only be thin but also be small.GPD Pocket .GPD Pocket is such a product. It is not only gorgeous, ultra-light, ultra-thin like MacBook but also very small and can be taken away in a pocket at any time like a cell phone!

Light and thin

All-metal body

 Intel top-class

Mobile processor


Lithium polymer battery

FHD screen

Retina technology

12 hours  

Long life

8GB LPDDR3 memory

128GB eMMC 5.1

Strolling at the fingertips



Ultra-light and ultra-thin UMPC

It uses a one-piece body made by CNC precision magnesium aluminum alloy with

pure silver color.Its 7-inch FHD screen and retinal grade display technology

mean that its craftsmanship is comparable to the MacBook Air.Because

of its portability, you can pick it up at one hand or put it in a coat

or trouser pocket like a cell phone. We believe it will be the

first choice for the light office crowd.

Full high-end top configuration



UMPC size, laptop performance

GPD pursues ultimate performance. We stick to this idea even on such a UMPC with the size  of a palm. GPD Pocket .GPD Pocket can be used not only for Internet surfing or office but also    for creating, editing videos or playing large games.Intel's top mobile quad-core processor Z8750,  8GB LPDDR3 large-capacity memory, 128GB eMMC, give faster read and write speeds.  Up to 71000 running scores on Lu Master prove that this UMPC's performance is better than  mainstream laptops available 2 years ago.

Almost no laptop supports Ubuntu

We rarely see laptops supporting Ubuntu directly. Although this is not impossible, the prerequisite is that the vendor must develop independent Linux drivers, which requires great courage and sentiment.Moreover, UMPC supporting Linux are much fewer.GPD Pocket .GPD Pocket supports not only Windows 10 desktop version, but also Ubuntu released version based on Linux kernel.It is also the first UMPC based on Linux globally.

Flagship mobile processor

Intel Atom x7-Z8750

Intel Atom x7-Z8750 is built on the 64-bit architecture and adopts 14-nanometermaking process, with 4 cores, 4 threads, clock speed 1.6GHz, and turbo frequency up to 2.56GHz. In this way, when executing tasks that require higher clock speed, the processor can strike a perfect balance between performance and power consumption. The built-in Intel   HD Graphics 405 graphics processor is enough for light office users. Besides, when you play your favorite games, you will find the screen response is more sensitive than before and the effects are vivid.

Fully fit and ultra narrow border 



 Industry-rare full screen

based on retina technology

GPD Pocket's resolution is up to 1920x1200 and clarity is twice as much as that of a 27 "LCD screen.Though their resolutions are both 1080P, the display effects are not the same. GPD Pocket's screen border is narrower (only 4.1mm) and its actual screen ratio is much higher.Boundless protection glass, with no prominent borders at four sides, gives a stronger sense of wholeness. The full fit technology reduces the glare caused by air refraction so that the screen presents excellent realistic effects both indoors and outdoors.

1920 x 1200

Full HD resolution

8H hardness, boundless glass


To avoid the screen being scratched or crushed, we use boundless glass stronger than sapphire, with Mohs hardness up to 8H and an extremely strong ability to resist hard hit and knock.

4.1mm micro-border


Among UMPC products, currently there is no other product that has such micro-border (4.1mm) as Pocket. Even laptops that can make micro-border, they can only make it to 5.1mm. With this and its compact body, Pocket will definitely become a preferred portable device for successful people.

Large-capacity and density battery



 7000mAh super large-capacity battery 

GPD Pocket uses 7000mAh polymer lithium battery, with up to 26.6Wh/L energy density. The battery is smaller and lighter but the power is not diminished at all. It offers up to 12 hours of battery life and supports PD 2.0 fast charging technology. Within 1.5 hours it can be fully charged.That makes it more durable and faster charged. Whether you are on a trip or at home, GPD Pocket is usable anytime and anywhere.

Chiclet keyboard + TrackPoint



Comfortable and smooth typing experience

GPD Pocket uses a Chiclet keyboard that increases the area of finger and keycap contact, making keystrokes more accurate and more comfortable than a two-in-one keyboard and being very suitable for women's delicate fingers.Meanwhile, the non-adhesive design also reduces the chance of pressing a wrong key.  Compared with those of a traditional keyboard, both the key travel and key distance of Pocket have been significantly enhanced, increasing the comfort of operation and making it more suitable for women's delicate fingers. 

USB Type-C 5Gbit/s



Connecting peripherals is easier and transmitting data is faster   

As a UMPC, GPD Pocket is the first to adopt USB Type-C interface globally, which offers functions such as charging, audio and video output, and data transmission. It also has a small-size Micro HDMI, a USB 3.0 port, and a headphone jack, allowing you to easily a connect printer, USB drive, scanner, speaker, mouse, or keyboard…

Make Pocket more powerful with a smart adapter   

By purchasing a USB 3.0 or USB Type C interface based adapter, you can connect more external devices such as Micro SD cards, SD cards, RJ45 cables, high-definition videos, and multiple displays. 

Product features and highlights



Your pocket laptop is bound to stand out from the crowd 

Imagine this: A fashionable woman takes out a 7-inch laptop from her shoulder bag, with a cup of coffee put aside. She is drinking coffee while elegantly typing on the keyboard and talking with her best girlfriend.We believe that many fashionable women and successful people will be obsessed with such a pocket laptop.The reason why GPD elaborately makes such a product is that its small size, portability, and powerful performance can meet the needs of fast-paced lifestyle. GPD is the leader and practitioner of next-generation portable laptops. Our ultimate goal is to put laptops in pockets.

Silver colored whole body

 CNC integrated alloy housing 

Retina technology 

7-inch IPS, full HD display

 Boundless glass  

 4.1mm micro-border design 

Chiclet keyboard

QWERTY full keyboard design 

2×2 Wi-Fi 

Supports 802.11ac, 40x speed increase 

Multi touch 

Glass touch panel

Lighter, thinner, and smaller



A size similar to that of a cell

phone and only 0.485kg in

weight.Put it in your pocket at

any time and use it at anywhere

for work on the internet. 

Active cooling 


Built-in pure-copper heat pipe, 
large-diameter heat output pipeline,
and increased fan power drive
keep the machine body within 
the 35°C temperature range
  acceptable by human body.

12-hour long battery life


As the battery energy density 
is high, Pocket offers longer 
battery life. Whether you're
surfing the Internet, playing 
games, or watching videos,
Pocket is enough.

Compact body, outstanding performance



The CNC integrated aluminum 
alloy body, all-fit FHD screen,
German Red Dot Design Award 
winning Chiclet keyboard, plus 
the quad-core processor, together 
forge such a high-end UMPC.

Intel Atom 

128GB eMMC  

8GB memory


GPD Pocket

Intel Atom x7-Z8750 processor


8GB LPDDR3 memory + 128GB eMMC


2.4GHz/5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi


7000mAh super large-capacity lithium battery


12-hour long battery life, supporting 2C fast charging


180×106×18.5mm ultra-small light body