GPD XD Plus 

( GPD XD 2018 Upgrade Version )

Professional Android Handheld Game Console

Six Parts Upgrade Instructions

Android 7.0

Installing game speed increases by 75% Occupied space decreases by 50%

E-ink book mode

The screen is similar to E-link, can get the equal visual effect of E-link or traditional newspaper


Dual-band design, support fastest 25.6Gbps bandwidth and 3.2GB/s date transmission speed 

Vulkan Engine

The frame rate for PPSSPP emulation games promotes dramatically

MT8176 + PowerVR

IHexa-core processor 
high performance CPU 
High performance processor graphics

Bluetooth shared internet

Share the mobile phone network, support 7 devices connection at same time

Vulkan Engine

PPSSPP Emulation games  frame rate promotes dramatically. You can play many games with full frames and without distortion, which can never be done before

Redefining The Android Game Rules

5 million times clicking life, clear feedback, Play with precision

Japanese Alps original 3D joystick

Japan Omron micro switch

NDS D-pad Double

Character Print Button

Large Capacity Battery of 5600mAh

Battery life in gaming is up to 10 hours

Antutu Benchmark

Enthusiast level control, create ultimate feeling

With Built-in "key mapping", It can connect virtue keys with entity keys.Supporting entity key control for more than 1800   large Android games

XD has built-in independent research

and development "key mapping" function

All-Round Emulator For Previous Classics

Built in over 10 thousand classical handheld games 

Built in “ PC cloud games”

Hundreds of AAA level games, can play with handheld

5-Inch H-IPS Screen

Adopting classic 5-inch Hitachi H-IPS screen, it gains bright color, faster response and better looks with no tailing!Resolutions up to 1280x720. With the golden ratio of 16:9, capacitive multi-touch screen and full lamination, it reduces the reflections between display panel and glass layer, making the screen more transparent and clean.


Contrast ratio 




NSIC color gamut

Japanese OMRON Micro Switch

Micro switch usually used in high-end keyboard and mouse of Logitech and Microsoft is adopted in shoulder button, supporting at least 2 million times mechanical clicks